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Is There Hope? We Think So!!


Meet Lincoln

This little guy had meltdowns that were daily and there was no possible way this little person could listen to a story or play independently for any length of time. Even when his large family gathered, he was unable to deal with the commotion. It was so sad and severe.
Lincoln’s grand mother who had been in education 28 years realized that her grandchild needed help. Lincoln's grandparents' goal was to find some way to help their little person deal with anxiety, fear, and other emotional issues. So GranD began researching more + more until she found hope in a Facebook video about The Perfect Storm. She signed up for our next workshop and knew that they found the answer they were looking for - Lincoln’s nervous system was stuck in the Perfect Storm!
His family diligently stuck to our doctor’s recommendations and began seeing results quickly! They were only coming a couple of weeks before they started to notice that Lincoln did not have major meltdowns like before.
Here is what his grandmother had to say:
"I am so thankful I did your workshop and made a decision to bring my three-year-old grandchild to your practice. It has been a life-changing experience.
My grandchild is now able to function without daily meltdowns, and can be taken to events without fear of an episode. The anxiety level in groups of people has diminished significantly and playing independently has become a reality. I am thrilled with the progress I have witnessed. I am so very thankful for the non-evasive care that has been such a blessing in our life.
Thank you, Dr. Justin DC, for sharing a drug free way to help my loved one with such a powerful solution. You are awesome!"
An exciting time for the whole family, as less appointments each week means more time for FUN and family!

Meet Axel

Axel has come so far these last couple of months! Diagnosed with Autism, his mom went to work on getting him the best help help possible! He has been able to adapt to many new changes in his life while under chiropractic care! Just like all of us parents, his mom wanted something more for her son! She was worried how his life would be when he got older, hoping he would be able to care for himself. She had done everything that she knew of and when she heard about our ADHD, Autism, Sensory workshop she knew she had to come. She moved to put Axel into a better school, that had better accommodations. This caused Axel’s world to be turned upside down. At the same time she started her son under care and has seen massive differences! Here are a few of the things mom and the school has seen improvements in:
- better connections
- paying attention
- more focused
- improved eye contact
- increased understanding
- better behavior when told no!

These are just a few of the things that his mom has seen. She also got a report that they are giving him more time in Gen Ed... why is this happening, because he is beginning to heal, his nervous system is not in fight or flight mode, but in developmental and growth mode!

Dr. Justin's Story

 Dr. Justin has always loved helping others and working with his hands. When he was in high school he had a history of low back pain and really struggled finding relief. So when a good friend came home from Chiropractic school and helped him find relief. So at that point, between helping other, working with his hands, and finding relief for low back pain, he knew that he had to become a chiropractor.

What he didn't know is that chiropractic is much more than back and neck pain relief. He would soon realize how much it would actually change his son's life and the course and mission that he is on today!! Dr. Justin know that he was lead by God to become a Pediatric and Prenatal Chiropractor. 

Much of Dr. Justin's post education comes in pediatric chiropractic. Most of the  kiddos that he sees in his office find themselves somewhere on the spectrum. His oldest son Jacob struggled with behavior, anxiety, dyslexia, and so much more. He struggled in school and with ADHD. After 5th grade Jacob started living with Dr. Justin. This allowed Dr. Justin to care  for Jacob like the other kiddos in his office. Seeing Jacob's life change the way it did, allowed Dr. Justin to know that he was in the right place. In 2020 Dr. Justin remarried and his younger son Julian came with a lot of the same things that Jacob did...(births were a lot a like)...and we have already seen improvement with Julian as well!!!

Dr. Justin's passion in helping others...especially kiddos goes unnoticed. 

 At his office they take a different approach than most chiropractors! When the Nervous System functions correctly it allows the body to heal on its own. This provides long term solutions, not short term fixes. Its about Expressing Life every day, that is why Dr. Justin named it Expressing Life Chiropractic.

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